Dinner at Bouley

Location location: New York City, United States of America

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When it comes to fine dining – you simply can’t beat the French.

Don’t get me wrong – I could eat Italian food for every day of my life (or Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai food for that matter), but the French have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to cooking with rare ingredients and creating haute cuisine.

So when it came to choosing a Michelin star restaurant in NYC, Will and I agreed on French fare at Bouley’s (163 Duane Street, New York City, 10013).

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We met up with Tina at the restaurant for a late dinner.  It was still quite busy, so we enjoyed a glass of champagne on the house while we waited.

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When we were seated at our table, we were charmed by our very French waiter to take the degustation menu.

(Not that three hungry foodies needed much persuasion!)

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bouleys nyc13

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First came the bread trolley.

bouleys nyc07

It was a ‘pain’ to chose only one, so they kindly let me chose two breads 😉

Next the amuse bouche.

bouleys nyc08

One of the great things about the degustation menu here is that you can choose what courses you want on the tasting menu.

We all chose slightly different options from the menu and picked off each others’ plates during dinner so that we could try them all.  (Because friends don’t let friends have fear of missing out!)

There were so many wine glasses and plates passing through our table, I don’t even know how to begin.

So I’ll just say ‘Bon appétit’ and start listing them all.

Malibu sea urchin with green apple could and Oscetra caviar.

bouleys nyc09

bouleys nyc10

Wild mushrooms with sweet garlic, spices, grilled toro and black truffle dressing.

bouleys nyc12

bouleys nyc11

Porcini flan with crab and black truffle dashi.

bouleys nyc14

A richly flavoured soup that tastes much better than it looks – promise!

Chatham Day Boat lobster with homemade almond milk and saffron dressing.

bouleys nyc15

Organic Colorado rack of lamb with Tuscan olive and cured lemons.

bouleys nyc16

Organic white tail rabbit with quince, capers, and Japanese risotto.

bouleys nyc17

bouleys nyc18

Kobe beef sirloin cut.

bouleys nyc19

And finally, dessert.

Chilled coconut soup with pineapple granite, fruit sorbet and amaretto ice cream.

bouleys nyc20

Huckleberry soup with elderberry yogurt sorbet.

bouleys nyc21

Mandarin, Clementine and Tangerine Tart with orange sorbet.

bouleys nyc24

And my personal favourite … Hot Valrhona Chocolate Frivolous.

bouleys nyc22

bouleys nyc23

Two dessert courses – no wonder I’m smiling.

bouleys nyc25

bouleys nyc30

While the other two were having a tête-à-tête after dinner, I snooped around the restaurant to admire the decor.

The restaurant is set in a beautiful historic building that has been decorated with the most intricate details.

All the other dinner guests had left by then – which was perfect for me to take photos.

Memories of spring in Provence.

bouleys nyc27

High vaulted ceilings.

bouleys nyc28

Plush chairs and walls.

bouleys nyc29

How do you like them apples?

bouleys nyc02

By the time I came back to the table, the petit fours had arrived.

bouleys nyc26

The other two were still chatting, so I sneakily ate the macaron first.   First in, first served – c’est la vie!

Dinner at Bouley was a lovely affair.  It was the crème de la crème of haute cuisine and the food and service was impeccable.  If anything, it was probably a bit more silver service than I had anticipated – but that is hardly reason to complain.  Bonne nuit!

Bouley Restaurant (163 Duane Street, New York City, 10013)