Falling Back to Earth

Location location: Brisbane, Australia


Ah-rooooo!  It’s raining wolves here in Brisbane – and I promise I am not the girl who cried wolf.  According to the forecast, this bizarre rain will continue until 11 May 2014.  If you are not prepared for the weather situation, then you should probably stay away from the Gallery of Modern Art – although you will be missing a fantastic art exhibition if you do.

Falling Back to Earth is the spectacular exhibition currently being hosted at GOMA by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang.  There are three major installations, all gigantic in size and each as detailed as it is dramatic.  Head On features 99 wolves leaping across the sky before colliding into a glass wall.  The centrepiece installation is Heritage, showing 99 animals from around the world gathered together in harmony at a waterhole reminiscent of the lakes of Moreton Bay’s islands.  You can really appreciate the detail put into creating in each animal replica.  Place them all together around a serene lake and it almost looks like the sequel to Noah’s Ark.  The third and final installation features an uprooted Eucalyptus tree which is so large that it boggles my mind wondering how they originally got it inside the gallery.

At the exhibition opening, Cai retold stories to the audience about his previous failed attempts of exhibitions with GOMA, including one water installation which literally crumpled into pieces and floated down the Brisbane river – humorous but nonetheless a serious setback for an artist.  It’s heartening to know that his next attempt was a brilliant success.




Look at me, I’m the wolf whisperer.  On the other hand, they didn’t like Danny so much.



A big nod of approval upon seeing that Australian native animals were fairly represented too!





Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth
23 November 2013 – 11 May 2014
Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Stanley Place, South Bank, Brisbane
Website: http://www.qagoma.qld.gov.au/exhibitions/current/cai_guo-qiang