Yellow Mountain (I)

Location location: Anhui Province, China

huangshan yellow mountain36

Last year, I was living in Shanghai when Danny and I made a small trip to Huangshan – ‘Yellow Mountain’.  On a map, it doesn’t look too far away from Shanghai but boy was it a journey!  A journey that I will never forget for all the right reasons.

I grew up with a houseful of Chinese landscape paintings of swirly clouds in mountain tops, but little did I realise that places like that truly existed until seeing Huangshan.  We went before I had bought a good camera, but hopefully the majestic scenery and post-editing will make up for my humble ‘point and shoot’ photography skills.

From Shanghai, we boarded on a 13-hour overnight train ride to Tunxi and then took a local bus to get from Tunxi to Tangkou – a small village near the Huangshan scenic area.  We passed some beautiful scenery along the way but I wouldn’t know – I have a knack for passing out asleep on long-distance transport!

huangshan yellow mountain1

The matching Red Army hats were completely necessary.

huangshan yellow mountain4

huangshan yellow mountain3

huangshan yellow mountain2

huangshan yellow mountain5

In Tangkou, a little Chinese man called Mr Hu hustled us back to his hotel and fed us fried rice and tea for breakfast before driving us to the East Sea Gate at the base of the mountain.

Armed with an out-of-scale pictorial map of Huangshan, we set off to tackle this whopper of a mountain.

huangshan yellow mountain6

huangshan yellow mountain9

You should have seen the fear in my eyes.

huangshan yellow mountain10

We came across every kind of terrain on the ascent.  First, was a bamboo forest.

huangshan yellow mountain11

huangshan yellow mountain12

huangshan yellow mountain20

huangshan yellow mountain19

Bamboo and snow – such an unusual combination!

Next up, waterfalls of all shapes and sizes.

huangshan yellow mountain8

This one is known as the Thousand-Feet Spring.

huangshan yellow mountain15

huangshan yellow mountain14

huangshan yellow mountain16

huangshan yellow mountain17

Then it started to rain so we decided it would be much easier to admire the scenery from a cable car.  (Besides, who doesn’t love a good short cut?!)

huangshan yellow mountain24

huangshan yellow mountain23

huangshan yellow mountain25

You know those magical Chinese landscape paintings that I was talking about earlier? Well, the view from our cable car window started to look exactly like one of those.

huangshan yellow mountain26

huangshan yellow mountain27

huangshan yellow mountain28

huangshan yellow mountain29

I felt like Monkey Magic dancing on cloud puffs from peak to peak.

But when we got off the cable car, I came back to reality as we put on our hideous ponchos to protect us from the rain.

huangshan yellow mountain32

huangshan yellow mountain31

huangshan yellow mountain45

huangshan yellow mountain36

huangshan yellow mountain37

Such a breathtaking view!

It was definitely worth the chilly February weather and rain that we had to endure.  But by this stage, we were ready to take our cold and damp selves to a nice hotel for the night.

huangshan yellow mountain30

To be continued …

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  1. Oh I love these photos! I’ve climbed this mountain before! :) Although in October.. and we took the cable car straight to the top and then wrestled with another gruelling 2 hours of endless steps, worth it and wish I had the time to get all the way to the top. It looks much more romantic in February! Great post! xx

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