A Hinterland Hike

Location location: Gold Coast Hinterland


The Gold Coast might be famous for its surfing beaches, ambitious skyscrapers, theme parks and hedonistic night life, but there is an opposing tranquil side of the Gold Coast that is waiting to be discovered in the hinterland.  Put on those hiking boots and get ready to explore lush rainforests, ancient trees, jaw-dropping waterfalls and spectacular views.  And best of all, get ready to dance among the tree tops and wiggle your way down rickety bridges like Indiana Jones.

Lamington National Park, Springbrook National Park and Mount Tamborine combine to form the vast hinterland scenic area – most of which is also UNESCO World Heritage listed (so it must be good, right?!).  The Tree Top Walk departs from O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in Lamington National Park – altogether there are nine suspension bridges some sixteen metres above ground and ladders that you can climb for a bird’s eye view of the rainforest canopy.  The walk itself is only 800 metres so afterwards you can continue on another walking trail.

We followed the Elabana Falls Track and made it to Picnic Rock before having to turn back early as the sun was setting.  (As always, we were running late and taking too many photos.)  Regrettably, we never made it to the big waterfalls but I do have a story to share about snakes in the next post.  What was that quote that Indy always said?  “Snakes…I hate snakes.”  (Just a bit of trivia for ya!)




Lamington National Park
The Tree Top Walk is located next to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat on the western edge of Lamington National Park.  It is a 90 minute drive west from the Gold Coast and 2.5 hours drive south west of Brisbane.  If you want to fit in a full day of hiking, then consider staying overnight at O’Reilly’s.
Here are the links for a list of short walks and a walking track map (also available at the gift shop on site).

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