A Liebster bit about me

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Big thanks to Andrew and Emily from Along Dusty Roads for giving Olivia Oyster a Liebster Blog Award.

Grab yourself a cup of tea, take a seat on the couch and get to know me a bit more in this little Q&A.  Feel free to ask any other questions of your own too :)

1. What’s your go-to cheap hostel meal?

When I’m travelling with Danny and we meet some new friends on the road, we treat them to a home-cooked (hostel/airbnb pad-cooked) meal of tagliatelle with browned butter, potato and parmesan. It’s an old recipe by Danny’s grandmother from the Dolomites.  Certainly not a low cholesterol meal, but it is vegetarian friendly!

2. What’s your luxury item?

I like to travel in style with a Luis Vuitton Keepall.  What’s the point in owning nice things if you can’t use them all the time? 😀

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3. What’s your key piece of advice for anyone on the road?

I am a big advocate for slow travel – I think it’s far more enjoyable to get to know a few places really well rather than rush around an entire continent with only two nights in every major city. Also, keep a diary.  Whether it is a blog, a visual diary on your Instagram or a little leather book of handwritten notes – it’s always nice to have a record to remember where you went, what you did and how awesome your trip was.

4. If you could do it all again, where wouldn’t you go?

Hmm I don’t really like to badmouth places, but I didn’t enjoy Bangkok (after seeing some horrible zoos and animal shows there) and Ho Chi Minh (my parents urged me to live like a local with our relatives there and I subsequently passed out from severe food poisoning).  I travelled to those places with my family as a teenager though and I’m sure a lot has changed since 13 years ago!

5. How do your promote your travel blog?

My blog is quite personal, so I am not very proactive about promoting it to readers (that, and I’m just plain lazy).  I’m loving Instagram at the moment (follow me!), and I’m also on Twitter.  But my main goal is to produce entertaining and visually appealing content for friends and family to enjoy reading, and I try to include them in the posts too.

6. Beach, city or jungle?

I will always be a city girl, but I do love the beach on weekends when I’m back home in Australia (other beaches in the world will never compare!).  And I enjoy an annual jungle trek, as long as I have ample time to train up for it (I’m somewhat unfit and psychologically weak when it comes to physical stamina…).

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7. What’s your favourite picture from your travels?

Oh gosh, I have too many favourites!  I know you only asked for one, but I’m going to give you three.

Squad training at Bondi Icebergs, Sydney.

icebergs, bondi, beach, sydney

This one I snapped of Danny at Cape Byron in Byron Bay.

byron bay, lighthouse, easterly point australia, cape byron

And more recently, this Andean grandmother sipping coca tea at the markets in Humahuaca, Argentina.

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8. What do you miss most about home?

I miss my friends and family (obviously), Australian-style weekend brunches, having access to amazing Asian food, my full wardrobe and the weather.  I’m from Brisbane which has a subtropical climate, so I’m used to every day being sunny and mild winters of 20 degrees celsius.  It was a rude shock to discover how cold and miserable a real winter is.

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9. If money was no object, where would you go and what would you do?

Outer space with Virgin Galactic!  Closer to Earth (and more realistically), I would love to go the Galapagos Islands,  United Arab Emirates or The Maldives on an big budget – I think you can only really enjoy those kinds of places if you’re ready to splurge.

10. What’s your most embarrassing travel story?

I don’t have any crazy embarrassing stories, but I often get lost in translation with different languages.  I went for a month in Buenos Aires thinking that Estados Unidos was a lesser-known exotic Carribean island (it’s United States in Spanish…).  Another time, I scared my Chinese host family into thinking I had the bird flu when I meant to say that I caught a cold!  And I have accidentally told Danny’s Italian family that the dog tastes excellent (because I pronounced the word for meat, ‘carne’ with my Aussie accent).

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  10. What’s your most embarrassing travel story?