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Location location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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It has only been a month, but it feels like we are starting to settle in to life in Buenos Aires.  We have slowly got our bearings of the city, worked out how to get cash with the blue exchange rate and managed not to be robbed by a taxi driver again (oh the joys of travelling in South America).  Whilst I only post the fun stuff that I get up to on the blog, the rest of the week is a pretty normal routine.  Catching the Subte (metro) into town, work, Spanish classes, eating out with friends and exploring on the weekends.

On weekends, there are some lovely pop-up markets in the nearby barrio of Recoleta. It’s a mishmash of artisanal gifts, clothes, jewellery, art, homewares – just about everything really.

We were there in search of a maté cup.  It’s a local hot beverage kind of like tea that Argentines drink all the time.

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Danny has become a real maté fan and has been really picky about what kind of maté cup and bombilla (straw) that he wants.

But then again, there are so many different kinds … which to choose?!

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I got a bit bored of his indecisiveness and went wandering on my own.

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Some beautiful photographs of Buenos Aires on sale (which I will secretly have to try and replicate with my own camera!). It was a bit rainy earlier in the day so not all of the markets were out. But usually the park is a bright and beautiful place to be.

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There are a few food markets too, but our grumbling stomachs were in need of something more substantial. So we meandered down a few blocks away to Cumana (Rodriguez Pena 1149 – no website) for a hearty Argentine meal.



It was a little early for dinner, so we started with afternoon tea. Tereré with bread and biscuits.  It put a big smile on Danny’s face.


Tereré is kind of like maté but prepared cold with juice rather than hot water.

The glass is filled to the brim with yerba maté leaf mixture and ice cubes.


And the kettle is full of icy cold orange or tropical juice. Just pour and sip, and then keep repeating.


Soon enough the empanadas came out hot from the oven.


Carne (meat) filling of course!


And finally, a big steaming bowl of locro landed on the table.

Cumana is meant to be the place in town for locro.  It’s a typical dish in Argentina with corn, meat and vegetable mixed together in a warm hearty stew.



A rushed shot before I gobbled it all down.

In winter, I imagine locro would be like a nice warm hug.  I’m going to try and make it at home soon (as it is getting a bit chilly here) – watch this space!

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