The Yacht Week Begins

Location location: Near Split, Croatia

yacht week croatia04

I have a confession to make … this is not my first Yacht Week.

Two summers ago, I came to The Yacht Week in Croatia with a group of friends and we had the best week of our lives.  Our days were spent sailing around the Croatian islands or diving inside blue caves, and our nights partying at secret locations and meeting fun people from all over the world.  It was so much fun that I was scared to return for fear that it would never live up to that original week.

It was Danny (who is a Yacht Week skipper) and Jade who convinced me to do it again.  And I’m so glad they did!

I will write a little Yacht Week guide at the end of these posts, but for now here is a recap of some great memories from Croatia Red Route in Week 32.

yacht week croatia02

yacht week croatia01

yacht week croatia03

After a busy first day of checking in to the boat and going food shopping, we spent a quiet night at Milna and then woke up ready for a full day of sailing on Day 2.

Danny was in his element as a skipper this week and he couldn’t wait to show everyone how to sail.

yacht week croatia06

But the crew had their minds on other things …

yacht week croatia07

Thank God that Lucy was on our crew!

yacht week croatia05

I wish the rest of us could have said the same about ourselves.

She was an exemplary first mate – throwing ropes, grinding winches and hoisting up sails.

A few hours later, we arrived at a little bay in the island of Šćedro.

yacht week croatia08

yacht week croatia21

Where we rafted up next to the other boats and jumped in to the clear blue water for an afternoon swim.

yacht week croatia09

yacht week croatia10

yacht week croatia17

We made friends with our neighbours – a catamaran full of Spanish boys from Madrid.

yacht week croatia20

If there is one thing I know about Spanish people, it’s that they definitely know how to fiesta!  Especially these guys who were so much fun all week.

And where the catamaran is, the party is.  You can guess where we spent the rest of the evening…

Starting with afternoon drinks.

yacht week croatia1

yacht week croatia14

yacht week croatia12

yacht week croatia2

A bit of tanning.

yacht week croatia3

yacht week croatia13

yacht week croatia16

yacht week croatia22

And dancing on deck.

yacht week croatia18

Poor Jade was passed out on Travacalm for most of the afternoon.

yacht week croatia15

But she woke up just in time for the party that evening!

yacht week croatia23

Sadly I don’t have photos of the raft party to share, but there are more Yacht Week posts to follow soon!

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