Swanning around

Location location: Brisbane, Australia

giant swan south bank18

Swanning around Brisbane nowadays are we?

It’s a question I often get asked since coming back home after two or so years abroad.  Well, today, I quite literally was swanning around Brisbane!  Jade (who you might remember from Yacht Week) bought a giant inflatable swan for her trip to Thailand and we took it out for a test swim at South Bank.

As usual, the manmade beach at South Bank was filled with families and children enjoying this hot summer’s day.  So you can imagine that, with Swannie by our side, Jade and I were the coolest kids in the playground.

giant swan south bank1

giant swan south bank2

I took Swannie for a float around first.

giant swan south bank3

giant swan south bank4

Everything was going well until this little punk decided to get all bossy and start pushing me around.

giant swan south bank6

giant swan south bank8

I alerted the Lifeguard, but they didn’t seem to care!

giant swan south bank12

giant swan south bank13

Then it was Jade’s turn to swan around (in her new Zimmermann bikini too, how nice is it?).

giant swan south bank10

giant swan south bank16

giant swan south bank14

giant swan south bank15

There were lots of jealous onlookers at the beach.  I gave my advice to the young kids: “Stay in school, go to uni, get a good job as a lawyer/engineer … and maybe one day you too can buy a giant inflatable swan from the internet like us!”.

giant swan south bank18

giant swan south bank17

giant swan south bank19

giant swan south bank20

giant swan south bank21

Remember when you were a kid and your friend got a cool new toy that you desperately wanted as well?  Well, that’s exactly how I feel about Jade and her Swannie right now.

giant swan south bank22

giant swan south bank23

giant swan south bank9

After a hard day of tanning and paddling around with Swannie, it was time for ice cream from Cold Rock.

giant swan south bank26

giant swan south bank27

I figured that if we were being big kids today, then I may as well go for my childhood favourite flavour: rainbow.

giant swan south bank28

Choc chip for Jade.

giant swan south bank29

And none for Swannie.  He’s a really low maintenance pet like that.

giant swan south bank33

giant swan south bank32

giant swan south bank34

One final note – nobody ever stops and thinks about the logistics of transporting a massive inflatable pool toy.  We looked quite ridiculous walking around all of South Bank like this.

And unless you drive a truck, you’re gonna need a good 40 minutes to inflate and deflate it each way.  An electronic pump comes highly recommended for that purpose.

giant swan south bank36

But was it all worth it? Hell yeah!

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