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So, I lost my phone! And my wallet, my ID, my credit cards, my earphones … basically all the daily essentials to function in the 21st century. But you know what? Going offline has been kind of cool.

My iPhone was as dear to me as if it were my third hand. Or even, my first hand – at times I loved my iPhone more than my own two hands! I genuinely got anxious when it ran out of battery or if I couldn’t check if anyone had messaged me during a lecture.

It’s now been nine days without WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, text messages or phone calls. I never thought I could still function like this but the whole thing has been surprisingly refreshing. I can focus for longer. I’m more mindful of the present situation. And I’m fully engaged in conversations. The financial pain of having to recover everything in future still hurts, but the involuntary offline time has been good for the soul.

I’m checking in from Portugal, where I have just spent the last three days exploring Lisbon. No social media updates or Google Maps to guide me – just little old me with a Lonely Planet book, my camera and some borrowed cash to get around. It sounds rather daunting, but I guess that’s how all world explorers lived not too long ago.

Since I don’t have a phone to edit my photos, I’m signing off for a couple of weeks. The next time I check in, I’ll be finished my third term at INSEAD and kicking off the summer holidays in London for a friend’s wedding.

Speak soon! x

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