Chateau de Chantilly

Location location: Chantilly, France
chateau, chantilly, france, blog

It’s been several months since I visited Chantilly (well before my Normandy trip) so I’m afraid this post is a little overdue! [ … ]

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Serra da Arrábida

Location location: Setúbal, Portugal
arrabida, setubal, portugal, blog, travel blogger

I doubt I would ever have reason to visit Setubal or Arrábida, but I’m so glad to have discovered this pristine coastline. [ … ]

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Location location: Near Lisbon, Portugal
lisbon, portugal, blog, travel blogger, sintra, palace, day trip, tiles

From Lisbon, we ventured out to the pine covered hills of Sintra for a day. Full of fairytale palaces,  exotic gardens, fresh woodlands and castle ruins, Sintra seems a world away from the heat and hubbub of Lisbon. [ … ]

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