Olivia Oyster came about as I venture to the Eastern shore of Maryland several times a year with my rescue dog (and best friend) Olivia Hope. The beach has been such an incredible bonding experience. Over the years we have spent time on Assateaque Island, as I often collect oyster shells of various sizes. Every so often I will stumble upon new shells if Olivia and I are venturing to secluded coves along the bay in and around Ocean City, Maryland. 

My love for oyster shells, the bond with my dog, and the beautiful wild horses and wildlife on Assateaque has inspired me to create these one of a kind pieces. Some trips I will stroll along the public beach and others we will OSV (Over Sand Vehichle) and find some amazing shells that way. Every trip is a blessing. Every trip is a reminder that I am so fortunate to have this space to explore and share with Olivia. 

All pieces are handmade by myself -- I scour all over for creative decoupage napkins and papers, beading, and coatings to create one of a kind pieces. Each oyster is thoughtfully carried out from start to finish. 

Maybe oyster shells remind you of that time on the beach with your dog. Maybe it reminds you of a time you shared a special memory with a loved one, or perhaps you enjoy a coastal holiday. Whatever the case, I truly hope my collection brings joy and smiles (and dog hair) into your life. 


10% of proceeds from each sale go to the Assateaque Island Alliance (AIA), the only non-profit Friends Group organization to promote the education, awareness and stewardship of Assateague Island National Seashore’s wildlife and natural resources for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Whether that is repairing golf carts for volunteers or replacing picnic benches, preserving this National Park is an honor. 

I have a goal to eventually foster all wild horses as part of Foster a Horse Program. While perhaps a pipe dream, the only way to live a dream is to start doing.